i have an exclamation point problem. sometimes i read over things i write and think, ‘i’m really not as excited and happy as this makes me seem’

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in honor of a pretty nifty follower milestone thingy that i’m approaching, i’m gonna do another giveaway! but this time i’m going to offer my meager fic-writing or photoshopping talent.

the winner will get one of two choices!

option 1: a 3-5k word fanfic of your choice! you get to prompt me with as much or as little detail as you want and i’ll write a fic that’s at the very least 3-5000 words long. sometimes i’m wordy so it might go over but it definitely wont be less. feel free to prompt a prequel/sequel/interlude of something of one of my existing stories or come up an entirely new prompt.

here’s my ao3 page so you can get a sense of how/what i write

and here’s a tag on tumblr where i share silly little thoughts/ideas/drabbles that might also give you food for thought

rules for option 1:

1: it has to be a (marvel) ship i at least kind of know and ship myself. the big one is obviously steve/tony (or pepper/tony), but i’m also cool with quite a few other ones (check out my ao3 page for other pairings i’ve written!). please feel free to message me ahead of time to ask about specifics ships if it’s not one on my ao3 page!

2: i’m cool with writing pwp (haha OBVIOUSLY) but please no bdsm, always-a-[opposite gender], or abo. i just don’t feel competent or well ‘versed enough in those things to do them justice. once again, if you have a question about a specific trope/kink, feel free to ask!

option 2: a fake movie poster and plot synopsis! that’s… pretty much what it says. a photoshopped movie poster along with tag line and a paragraph plot synopsis. prompt with as much or as little detail as you want! look at the following examples to get a better idea of what i’m talking about:

rules for option 2:

1: same as before, please choose a (marvel) ship that i ship at least a little :)

2: that’s it! :D

general giveaway rules:

1: you must be following me. this is to thank people who put up with my shenanigans on a daily basis :p (this also means no giveaway blogs or whatever, i’ll be checking on that).

2: you must be an active blogger. this means you need to post/blog more than once a week. sorry, but my last experience with giveaways kind of soured me on this :(

3. i’m guessing i’m going to hit the milestone about a month from today (aug 3). so this contest will end on wednesday, september 3rd. 

4. likes and reblogs count (no limit), and i will be choosing the winner via random number generator. your askbox must be open and you will have 2 days to reply to me with your option and prompt before i move on to someone else.

sooo yeah! there you go :D let’s do this!

ends tomorrow!! i’ll be choosing around 6pm central time! :D

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more like, i’m not touching this fic with a ten foot pole are you fucking kidding me

my dad makes me want to laughcry


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I don't know which I like best, Steve dressing u as different Captains every Halloween, Steve dressing up as different Steve's every Halloween, or Steve dressing up as Mr. Rogers for Halloween!


he alternates.

one year he’s captain kirk

one year he’s mr. rogers

then he’s captain jack sparrow

then he’s steve irwin


this is another RBB I did earlier this year. I was supposed to post this up a looooong time ago but I ended up fixing some things here and there..I’m not exactly happy with it but you know what I’ll just have to keep on practicing ^_^  but it all makes up for it in the story that I got to work on with the lovely Sakuratsukikage <3

so go on and read her awesome story:

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the closest thing I can think of to a Steve/Tony Secretary AU is probably the "Don't Look Too Closely" series by shaenie on AO3... enjoy

oh man trust me i have read that series

multiple times

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why are you such a nice person? you're always full of sunshine.

short answer: it makes me happy to make other people happy :D

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