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[2/8] favorite celebrities: sebastian stan

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now gimme a stark spangled banner selfie pls

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@robertdowneyJr Bros.

steve finally meeting rhodey and all hes heard about him is a million praises from tony and tony calls rhodey petnames and hugs him and steve's never seen tony like that with anyone and steve is super jealous and glaring at rhodey and rhodey notices and laughs for 500 years

rhodey notices so of course tony notices and when tony notices… well, he may be a 40-something year old man but he still gets a little thrill over the fact that someone is jealous over him (so sue him, he can afford it). it’s a simple, pure kind of jealousy.. not because of his toys or his money but just because they want tony for themselves. and when that jealousy is coming from a man who’s normally pretty even-keeled? it makes it that much better.

so he may or may not lay it on a little thick for the rest of the day. referring to inside jokes, finding a reason to be close to rhodey, a casual touch here and there. all the while sneaking glances at steve.

which is when steve notices what tony’s doing and by the end of the night they each know what the other is up to and it’s starting to feel like high noon at the ok corral, each of them eyeing the other up and waiting for the other to make a move. rhodey notices the tension in the room spiking and just rolls his eyes and doesn’t even want to know.

the first move is made the moment rhodey walks out the door. neither steve or tony are sure who the winner is, they both end up with a few aches and pains, and a smattering of bruises (plus an impressive set of teeth marks on tony’s hip). tony supposes, as they lay panting and, well, basking, that the only real loser in the situation is probably the plumber he’s going to have to call to fix the broken sink in the morning

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for musicalluna!!!

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they’re just… all together

they’re assembled

at this very moment

the entire avengers mcu line up

is together again


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fluffalo’s twitter is a thing of beauty today ;;_;;

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Is Sebastian working on anything right now or is he taking some long break? I know Cap 3 is in 2016 and the Avengers 2 is only being shot now but he's not reported to be in it so..he's not doing anything else then?!

I honestly don’t know! But yeah you’re right, he’s got nothing slated on IMDB! I know he was on Broadway part of last year so maybe he’ll be going back and doing some stage acting??? IDK though, I haven’t heard anything!

I am super interested in what his next choice of movies will be considering his… sterling filmography prior to Cap, though. :3

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